It is the story of boy meets girl, boy meets boy, boy loses girl, girl meets girl, boy loses his mind, girl loses her wallet….


trip. in association with Pure Pop presents the world premiere of tripping, a new theatrical event by and with Jeremy Bohen, Graham Brown, Elle Klein, Nathan Faudree, Amanda Fekety, Matt McIver, Molly Perch, Candy Simmons, Chris Sutherland, Jennifer Ward, Bibi Zizic and surprise guests galore.  Directed by Graham Brown.



chris sutherland

nathan faudree

candy simmons

jennifer ward

amanda fekety

matthew mcIver

bibi zizic

jeremy bohen

graham brown

molly perch

elle klein


greg  draves  -  stage manager/light and sound op
lisa roth  -  managing director

tripping debuted in the fall of 1999 at The Piano Store.

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