trip. is pleased to present "monologues" a series
of short films written by graham brown, shaneye ferrell,
nathan faudree, richard rodriguez & lisa roth
music by peculiar gentlemen with jessica jolly, phil wilcox,
graham brown, shuhei fujji, richie mccall, jack donahue,
donald o'finn, john berg, charlie korz, victoria saintelues, duchess romain, sandy byron,emily merryn, brian faherety,
sky spiegel, jesse howard, derek smalls,scot parish,
joe beaudin & introducing jacques pompy

Feel free to download and share the trip.

monologues.1 beer goggles

monologues.2 grocery store

monologues.3 coffee + or-

monologues.4 babyheads

monologues.5 scot & snapple