a new play in two acts written and directed by graham brown

carl condra
graham brown
kristen moser
sound design by tom zumchak


 “Although father-daughter incest is believed to be the most commonly reported, incest between brother and sister has been thought to be the most commonly occurring type (Finkelhour 1979; Weeks, 1976).”

                                                            Christine  A. Courtois
                                                         from the book
                                                         Healing the Incest Wound:
                                                            Adult Survivors in Therapy
                                                         W.W. Norton & Company, 1988

– synopsis –

When Jeff and Amy Tolbert were fifteen years old, their mother walked in on them while they were having sex. She saw them and they saw her. Nothing was said. The next day, breakfast was on the table and the weather and the Dallas Cowboys were the topics of conversation. Nothing was said. The next day, Jeff was sent away to a boarding school.

The play begins thirteen years later.

Amy is now working for a well established marketing firm in San Francisco.  She received a post card from Jeff three years ago and has heard nothing from him since. She is just beginning a relationship with a man she met at church.  Richard is a  C.P.A. from Texas. Richard goes to  Amy's apartment expecting to see her and is instead greeted by Jeff, who is just out of the shower.  Jeff, who just happened to be in the  state of California, decided to drop by and surprise Amy earlier that morning. Introductions are reluctantly made as the two of them sit and wait  for Amy to arrive. Once Amy does get to the apartment, Jeff quickly departs, explaining, "I have some people I have to meet."- he knows no one in San Francisco. Richard and Amy settle in for a quiet evening at home. Several hours later, the date is abruptly ended upon Jeff's drunken return. Richard and Amy say their good nights to the sound of Jeff vomiting in the next room.

Over the next several weeks, Jeff and Amy become reacquainted. Many things are the topics of conversation, however nothing is said.

Later, Richard informs Jeff that he intends to marry Amy.  Amy comes home from work to see Jeff packing. Jeff offers no real explanation for his departure which infuriates Amy. This leads to a confrontation in which the past, for the first time in thirteen years, is discussed. Amy enraged, begins striking Jeff  repeatedly. Jeff does nothing. She knocks him to the ground. She  gets on top of him. She kisses him. They undress each other.

Amy  stops going to work and avoids Richard completely. Jeff and Amy have sex – a lot, however, nothing is said.

Richard, who just happened to be in the neighborhood, decides to drop by and surprise Amy. Richard, oblivious to the entire situation, insists that the three of them go to brunch. It's at this point, Amy decides that it might be in everyone's best interest if Jeff left. She has decided to marry Richard and that there is no longer a place in her life for Jeff.

Jeff's world falls apart.

Amy and Richard get engaged and go to the movies.

Nothing is said.



- the characters -

RICHARD BARNES is thirty-nine. Always impeccably dressed, Richard is success personified.

JEFF TOLBERT is twenty-nine. His wardrobe consists of worn, blue denim shirts, short khaki cargo pants, hiking boots and slight variations thereof.

AMY TOLBERT is the twin sister of Jeff.  She has meticulously chosen a designer wardrobe that says, “I am sexy, I am a woman, and most importantly, I am the consummate professional.”


- the scene -

The entire play takes place in a one bedroom apartment located in the North Beach area of San Francisco.


- the time -

 A recent summer.


Fine was presented in 1996 at the Pulse Ensemble Theatre.

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