Join us for an evening of film, theatre, music, dancing,
& (with any luck) zen monkey sex
trip. is pleased to present our latest live production
along with the short film
The Alice Project
& a flimed trailer for the upcoming play
finding gräfenberg

on Thursday, October 30th, 2003
16 Mercer Street, Soho, NYC

trip. that night was
Rivka, Joe Beaudin, Graham Brown, Avery Clark,
Vivan Dugré, Tate Ellington Nathan Faudree, Isabelle Fries, Mike Ill, Jessica Jolly, Dawn E. Jones,
Randall McFadden,
Tina Manchise, Matthew McIver, Emily Merryn,
Laura Piquado, Lisa Roth, Sky Spiegel,
Gino Tavernaro,
Phil Wilcox, & Tom Zumchak

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