A romantic comedy about a cow and his boy
making their way in the big city.


Written and directed
Graham Brown
Vivan Dugré
Matthew McIver
Nathan Faudree as Clarity

Graham Brown (Artistic Director of trip.) entered a three minute version of Clarity in HBO’s Project Greenlight.

The first round was judged by the fellow contestants– 

"I thought it was a neat idea. Nobody notices the cow suit or finds the cow to be out of place, so I went with it too. They didn't try to make it too clever, they just made it fun. "

"Good job - it is refreshing to see a scene with emphasis on good performances and writing, and not just on camera angles and lighting."

"Great job! Laugh-out-loud funny. The cow should have his own sitcom."

"Hilarious. I laughed out loud when the cow said that the girl's ass was 'just magical'. Good luck. "

"Thought the dialogue was offensive. Otherwise it could have been cute. Sound and camera shots were good."

"Really entertaining. The dialogue was witty and the actors were great; the cow especially seemed like a professional and had great comic-timing. The video looked great; I especially liked the hand-held footage out the window of the moving train. The lighting and sound were both very professional, and everything was edited seamlessly. The ending was a little abrupt, but I don't think it really needs re-working. Overall, really enjoyable scene by an obviously talented writer/director." 

"A hysterical piece. Well acted and underplayed. Unless you feel the cow is a little over the top."

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