a play in four acts
by graham brown,
nathan faudree & lisa roth
directed by graham brown

now - march 15
thursday - saturday
10 pm @ the den theatre
1333 n. milwaukee ave

tickets available through

The Chicago Reviews

“The strength of 4PLAY is what counts: the endearing characters, the honest and playful performances, and the credible chemistry between everyone in the cast.” – Time Out

“The action, dialogue and staging are driven by the intersecting of societal and personal lines—between work and pleasure, gay and straight, science and sport and seduction, friendship and romance, art and life—and build impressively to a rewarding climax.”   –  Newcity

“Coyly Mixes Life with Art”  –  Chicago Reader

“The dialogue flows as easily as rounds of drinks, and the cast delivers performances as heartfelt as deep talks shared at 2am. For anyone who has been young and single in the past 10 years, it all feels very familiar.” –  Gapers Block

“The awkward moments, such as an alcohol-fueled misunderstanding that results in an accusation of infidelity, are so perfectly executed that the audience may well forget they are watching a play.”  –  The Fourth Walsh

The New York Reviews 

“The romances are steamy, the characters are loveable, and the performance is expressive, lively, and animated. 4PLAY, sex in a series, climaxes in an all-around feel-good, fun night out, which leaves you wanting more.” –  Show Business Weekly

“4PLAY is a rare find with superior acting and writing… a must see!”  –  Washington Square News

“4PLAY is intimate and everything that is real.”
–  Not For Tourists NYC

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