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The Chicao Reader -
We overhear Zen koans, hilariously aberrant self-destructive fantasies, and ballooning expressions of materialistically driven angst (the dialogue might sound a lot like sketch comedy, but it doubles as existential farce)
...the play’s a kind of sexed-up Waiting for Godot
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trip. is pleased to present the midwest premiere of finding gräfenberg written & directed by graham brown.
assistant directed by jason m. hammond, stage management by adam gallegos. featuring rosa sanmarchi, becca savoy, dan wilson, cyra k. polizzi. joel behne, stephen mcclure, morgan crouch, mercedes rohlfs, tony st. clair, angela k. bend,
erin o'brien, taylor lacourse & kelsey rishe

finding gräfenberg explores the sexual, professional and political tensions in and out
of the work place with clarity and unapologetic honesty. moving from the office, to the bar and, inevitably,
into the bedroom, finding gräfenberg places the audience into the action of the play resulting in a blurring of the line between spectator and performer without truly ever entering the world of the “interactive.”
With this intimate acting style and environment, trip. seeks to draw the audience into the action,
rather than push them away with spectacle or pretension.



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